The brand name “LUDIS” was taken from Latin word “ludis”, which means game and sports. According to the dictionary, it means a mischievous trickster. The message that we are trying to convey thru LUDIS is that we want to approach our customers as a bright, exciting sports brand leader, making a big step in great spirit. Being true to the catchphrase, we wish to grow LUDIS as one of the top sports brands, which can naturally come to your mind for every sports occasion. In order to make that happen, each and every opinion of our customers will be highly valued and respected.
  • U-PROT
    U-PROT comes from two words ‘You’ and ‘Protect’. It is the brand for professionals and individuals who use their hands intensively for job, hobbies and daily life work. We believe that the best design is the one that implement the function faithfully. Therefore we study users’ functional, technical and emotional needs. There are various U-PROT industrial glove products that cover refining, mining, heavy industry, car industry and construction industry. U-PROT also meets users’ lighter lifestyle needs, such as daily house work, DIY, camping and hobby work, with various products.
    BOLTRO by SEES Global represents a culture of safety and innovation. Injuries happen as fast as lightening and the right equipment can help prevent most hazards. The proper combination of tools and task allows you to work smarter in any environments. Our gloves blend the best materials, highest quality, efficient manufacturing and the most up to date technological advances which provides the maximum performance at every level and for every job. You can see it in every product that SEES designs and makes and it's inherent in our culture to have "The Ultimate Passion (and protection) for Hands."
    FIREBOLT by SEES Global represents a culture of safety and innovation. FIREBOLT evolved from the needs of First Responders including Military, Tactical, Rescue and Fire Fighters who helped design a customized collection of personal protective safety equipment that used the most advanced technologies and designs to protect their current and future safety requirements. As glove design and manufacturing experts, SEES listened to the people that protect us and created products that keep them safe so that they can keep us safe. By utilizing SEES Global technology and R&D center and developing blends of protective materials and construction methods, FIREBOLT offers our hero's "The Ultimate Passion (and protection) for Hands."
  • SharkBite
    SharkBite by SEES Global represents a culture of safety and innovation. Cuts, scrapes, lacerations and slices to your hands are as serious and as unpredictable as a Shark. Whatever type of cutting instrument/tool that you use and whatever type of hand cutting hazard you work at SharkBite brand knit gloves offer the highest rated cut prevention(cut level 5), most comfortable and long lasting cut resistant glove vailable today. By utilizing SEES Global technology and R&D center which develops cutting-edge blends of materials and construction methods, SharkBite offers you "The Ultimate Passion (and protection) for Hands."