Welcome to the SEES Global website.

Over five decades old, SEES Global represents the ultimate vision of “love your hands” through innovation, quality and reliability of glove products. 

SEES is passionate about hand safety, and the products we make are engineered to help yours work, play, create and protect to the highest potential. 

We believe hands are the helm of our body. Think about it: how our daily lives operate, whether optimally or poorly, depends in large part to hand performance! In today’s high-tech age, our hand health, comfort and safety are more important than ever. There is good reason for the popular expression that something “fits like a glove” — we are dedicated to producing that perfect fit for our customers.

SEES’ commitment to superior design, quality and value on protecting your hands has been unwavering the past 50 years. We attribute our success to continual innovation as well as our customer focus: customizing our approach to each unique need and working closely with transparency.

We are the expert on everything HANDS, materials development and supplying. This includes product categories: outdoor, sports, fashion, lifestyle, industrial, safety, personal, and protective equipment. Our offerings are stronger than ever, boasting custom engineered private-label collections and our expansive SEES Global brands. We have vertical manufacturing in China, Vietnam and Cambodia, and our corporate offices in Seongnam, Korea, comprise 4,000 professionals  - all dedicated to the same vision of loving your hands.

Entrust your hands to us. You won’t regret it. Thank you and enjoy our offerings.​