• Article 1. Respect for a human
    We respect everyone's fundamental human rights.
  • Article 2. Prohibition of forced labor
    Forced labor, child labor, etc. are not permitted under any circumstances.
  • Article 3. No discrimination
    We do not discriminate in hiring, salary, promotion, etc. based on race, gender, social or religious grounds.
  • Article 4. Fair competition
    We respect the order of the market economy following the principle of free competition.
  • Article 5. Compliance with the law
    We comply with various laws and regulations and do not benefit from fraudulent methods beyond the norm.
  • Article 6. Securing transparency through accurate accounting records
    Accounting shall be managed accurately and transparently based on facts in accordance with accounting principles.
  • Article 7. Basic Ethics of Members
    We take pride as a member of the company and faithfully perform our duties in our position and always represent the company.
  • Article 8. Attitude towards customers
    By satisfying customers, we gain trust from customers and develop with customers.
  • Article 9. Confidentiality
    Confidential information of the company acquired during business shall not be leaked to the outside without approval.
  • Article 10. Creating a healthy organizational culture
    We establish a win-win labor-management relationship based on mutual trust and smooth communication.